Tubers and root vegetables with Sarrajão


(Serves 4)

600g sarrajão (Atlantic bonito) loins
200g Jerusalem artichoke
200g beetroot
200g purple carrot
200g potatoes
100g chard
10g ginger
½l chicken stock
100g onion
1 bunch coriander
1 bunch mint
1 bunch thyme
100ml extra virgin olive oil
fleur de sel, to taste


Chop the beetroot into cubes. Gently fry the onion, ginger, coriander and mint in olive oil. Add the chicken stock and beetroot. When cooked, drain off the excess stock and blitz into a fine purée.

Carefully wash the Jerusalem artichokes, slice with the skin on, then fry with a little olive oil and thyme. Cook slowly until soft; season with fleur de sel.

Boil the carrots and potatoes separately in salted water, then slice and sauté them.

Season the sarrajão loins. Sear them on both sides. Cut the fish into slices and serve with the sautéed tubers and root vegetables, and the beetroot purée.

Chef: Bertílio Gomes
Livro: Algarve Mediterrânico

Maria Manuel Valagão, Vasco Célio, Bertílio Gomes