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The blackspot seabream is an axillary seabream of the dephts, having a white and tasty meat from its rich diet. The medium ones are excelent on the grill and the big ones in the oven.

Medium: 500 – 800g | Big: 1 – 2kg

The presented value refers to the minimum weight guaranteed.

Note: This product is ordered by unity. Indicate how many fish you want to receive.

Price per kg: Medium – 25,80€ | 34,50€



In the moment of ordering, you will pay the minimum price relative to the minimum weight guaranteed per product. In the delivery moment, the payment adjustment will be made according to the real weight of the product. This adjustment can be paid with ATM or MB WAY.

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Big, Medium


Clean, Filet, Filet, Whole, With scales (for cooking in salt)